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These are limited edition (10 each) fine art prints for $350 each. The printing process is the same as that the Boston Museum of Fine Arts uses. All proceeds from Dillard art go to Partners in Health.

Contact Alan Kennish at or call 305-292-3295 to order.


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A Happy Man - painting by Annie Dillard
Happy Man
Oil on board 9" x 11"
Two Rivers Converge - Painting by Annie Dillard
Two Rivers Converge, India
Gouache on board  8" x 10"
Thelonius Monk - painting by Annie Dillard
Thelonius Monk
Gouache on paper  8" x 10"
Cape Cod
Cape Cod
Oil on Canvas 12" x 16"
"View from my Shack, Virginia." by Annie Dillard
View from my Shack, Virginia
Gouache  10" x 8"
Four Flaming Monopods
Four Flaming Monopods
Oil on canvas  11" x 14"
African Woman, a painting by Annie Dillard
African Woman
Gouache  8" x 10"
Flat Hills
Flat Hills
Oil on board  9" x 7"

Oil on board  10" x 13"

Long View
How We Know, Virginia
Gouache on board  8" x 10"

Tanzania: Trees by a Ditch
Tasmania: Trees by a Ditch
Oil on canvas  11" x 14"

Wellfleet Bay
Big! Oil on canvas   24" x 30"
Mario Cuomo
Mario Cuomo
Oil on canvas  9" x 10"
Farm and Sky by Annie Dillard
Oil on canvas  12" x 9"
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